Paintless Dent Repair Services
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What We Do

Dent Removal

We remove dents and dings from any body panel without the need for repainting.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail storms in the Pikes Peak Region are some of the worst in the country and cause significant damage to vehicles. From light damage to borderline-totaled damage, we can handle it all at Level Up PDR.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a less invasive method to remove dents and dings on your vehicle than body work at a conventional body shop. We utilize specially designed tools to access and eliminate damage from behind the panel. As if there weren’t already enough perks, PDR is typically less expensive than conventional repairs, although this is not always the case.

How is PDR different from body work at a conventional body shop?

The art of PDR doesn’t just hide your damage behind bod fillers, sanding and repainting the panel. PDR allows you to maintain all the integrity of original panels and factory paint finish. This is beneficial because your vehicle maintains its highest value with original parts & paint finish. Replacing and repainting your vehicle’s panels is expensive, time consuming and lowers your overall value. Why spend more to be worth less?

Why Choose Us?

Professional PDR technicians are like plastic surgeons for vehicles. Choose the right one and you’ll have a repair suitable for a magazine cover. Choose the wrong one and end up on “Botched”. At Level Up PDR we offer incomparable customer service and take the utmost pride in our work. We started our career being trained by the best in the industry and have only raised the bar since then.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my dent cost to repair?

For non-hail related damage, our pricing is based on the factors involved with the dent (size, shape, location, depth, material, etc.). Pricing can be estimated simply over the phone by texting two pictures of the damage to (719) 257-1020. These estimates are typically accurate but may vary from actual cost after an in-person evaluation.

What is R&I?

Removal & Installation (R&I) of trim panels and/or accessories may be necessary to gain access to the dent. We prefer to use factory access points whenever possible.

What is a Manufactured Access Point?

Manufactured Access Points are a last resort when access to an area is not otherwise possible. All manufactured points are sealed and plugged to prevent water damage and eyesore.

What is Glue Pulling?

Glue Pulling is the use of hot or cold glue to pull on the external face of the panel to remove a dent. Glue Pulling is a great option when access to a dent is limited and is the only option for rails. However, it has an increased risk of melting clear coat and cracking or pulling paint off of the vehicle, so we recommend only using this method when absolutely necessary.

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